Lets Make Your Next Big Idea...

Introducing: 3DMaas

3D Digital Manufacturing as a Service

3DMaaS gives everyone on Earth the power to bring their product ideas to reality and manufacture them using our high-volume 3D printing factory that can produce thounsands plastic parts at a more affordable cost than traditional manufacturing.

From Concept to Mass Production...

3D Printing

With great speed and quality affiBox puts the power of digital manufacturing into your hands.
Whether you’re starting or ready for production, our Platform lets you start small and scale as needed.

The Power of choice


Short Runs

Need only 50 copies of your product or 100?
We can do that for you.


Large Batches

Whant to save on cost per item?
We can make 500 to 1,000 copies of your product with ease.


Pay as You Go!

Only pay when your clients makes a purchase. Then we can ship the product directly to you or your client.