Boricua celebrates 10,000 users and launches v.2.0 of its application.

Shooting Dots PromoVersion 2.0 of the game created by a Boricua and which already exceeds 10,000 users, will be available from 27 September 2014 The name of the game is Shooting Dots, and now has two game modes.

The first mode is the same as the users know and which now is called, “Survival”. Under this mode the user has to achieve the highest score possible without losing.
The record now is about 11,000 points or moreasserts Javier Camacho, creator of the game, “But I know there must be someone with a higher score either on the island or in the rest of the world.”

The second game mode is called “Levels”, and as its name describes, has 50 difficulty levels. Under this mode the player must eliminate all Dots with starsthat appear at first instance. Only then you can have the table and play other levels.
“At the moment we only post 50 levels but the goal is to surpass the 100 or more who knows,Javier Camacho.

  Aside from adding these 2 game modes, Shooting Dots has a better and refined mechanical system which allows the user to have better control of the central wheel. To make matters worse now features an improved “Look and Feel” which seeks to be of greater liking for their players.

The game at the moment is only available for Android and is expected to be available mid-October for iPhone and iPad.

The game can be acquired through Google Play.

For photos and more information about this game you can visit the following pages.

For exclusive information you can contact at 787-505-6869 with Javier Camacho.
They can test the game here:

Javier Camacho is a young Puerto Rican eager to create applications and video games for different platforms. One already has three games to Android and an application to bring personal finance.
Its applications are:
Boli: A Game With Balls”

  Javier has a software programming knowledge, applications and video games, thanks to the time I spend watching YouTube videos and reading books on programming. One is a young self-taught and already has plans for educational programs, technology to patients and elderly people, apart from technology to agriculture. This is just to mention some of his ideas.