New Update for Boli / English

New characters and some Artificial Intelligence for Boli.


The game of Boli has been updated and with this new update we introduced new characters which gradually will become the new face of this game.

The goal is to create a story where the player connects with these characters and can relate better with the type of game that Boli has to offer. With the passage of time will continue to add different features to this game and we are going to allow players to choose the character they want to use.

Also with this update, we’ve included some artificial intelligence. Now the “black ball” – which can only be removed by using PowerUps – is under strict instructions to make the game a little more challenging.


In future updates we will be including an online store where you can buy different backgrounds, new characters and new PowerUps.

Boli can be downloaded through Google Play. Get Boli

For  iPhone and / or iPad users, we’re still working to get the license and be able to publish for these platforms.

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God Bless.